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Wisdom for Kids, it's an adaptation of the Biblical book of Proverbs – for KIDS! Each book corresponds to one chapter of Proverbs written in words that are easy and fun for kids to understand. Verse by verse, line by line – not leaving anything out – these books bring Proverbs to life by personifying the character traits described throughout the book of Proverbs.

T.L. Martinez 

The authors, Tito and Liz Martinez, launched their first children's book series, Wisdom for Kids, as a fun interpretation of the Biblical book of Proverbs. Proverbs was a family devotions staple for each of them growing up, and they hope to spark a love of God's Word through the personification of the character traits described in Proverbs.
Additional Bible story books are planned with a focus on kid-friendly adaptations of Biblical texts.


Wisdom for Kids: Book 1: The Purpose of Proverbs

Have you ever met a SUPERHERO??? What if you could talk to a superhero anytime you wanted?
Captain Wisdom is so smart that she can help anyone – even a president or a king. Big or small, rich or poor, young or old, Captain Wisdom loves to lend a helping hand.
One of the most important lessons of Proverbs is learning to make good choices even when no one is watching. Captain Wisdom teaches some important lessons to kids and asks them to follow her on the Way of Wisdom.

Niños Sabios: Libro I: El Propósito de los Proverbios

¿Alguna vez has conocido a un superhéroe? ¿Qué tal si pudieras hablar con un superhéroe en cualquier momento?
¡La Capitán Sabiduría es tan inteligente que pueda ayudar hasta un presidente o a un rey! Grandes o pequeños, ricos o pobres, adultos o niños, La Capitán Sabiduría se deleita en ayudar a todos.
Una de las lecciones más importantes de Proverbios es aprender a hacer buenas decisiones aun cuando nadie te está observando. La Capitán Sabiduría instruye unas lecciones importantes para los niños y los anima seguir la Senda de la Sabiduría.


Making Devotions Fun For Kids With Proverbs Chapter 1
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Do you find it hard to teach your children the importance of faith?
Having family devotions can be an impossible mission, 
but Wisdom For Kids makes it 
fun and easy.
Here are some ideas to keep your kids involved and enthusiastic.
  • If you’ve never established a regular family devotion time, it’s never too late! 
  • The younger your kids are, the briefer your devotion time will probably need to be.
  • If possible, stick to a regular devotion time. Kids work well with routines, so try to make your devotions happen at a certain time each day.
  • ​Get your kids involved! They’ll be more likely to pay attention, feel important and comprehend what they’re reading or hearing. 
  • Having fun picture books like Wisdom For Kids can also make devotions easier to follow for young kids.
  • ​Good times include: at family meal times (before or after eating) or before bedtime.
  • Devotions are a great time for kids to discuss, ask questions and explore hard-to-grasp concepts. Encourage your kids to open up about their thoughts and questions.
  • ​If you don’t know how to answer a question, be honest - tell your child that you’ll look for the answer. Follow up by doing your own research or by talking to your pastor or other parents.
  • ​​Make sure you’re spending your own quiet time alone with God. Your kids will learn the importance of spiritual discipline if they see it exemplified in your own life.
  • ​Be careful not to make spirituality a chore. The best way to make sure your kids are growing in Christ is to create a Christ-centered home atmosphere, pray for them and with them, and ask the Lord to guide their spiritual maturity.
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